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Friend Test: Heart Attack Grill

nurse outfits are like fart jokes: they never get old

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital-themed diner in Phoenix that serves unhealthy food as a novelty. It’s as if the state fair opened up a restaurant and replaced their carnie folk with Hooters waitresses.
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San Francisco has too many dicks in her mouth to eat a Happy Meal

san francisco distance

like a whore, she looks best when viewed from a distance

San Francisco is still great city in the same way that a whore can still be cute. And I mean actual whore who gets paid to have sex, not “I feel that girl is too hot for me so I’ll just call her a whore.”
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Episode 78: Minimalism, Buddhism, Greydon Square, Burial Rites, Your Social Status

It’s good to keep some of your books, but you can get rid of Madame Bovary (14:19).

Buddhism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying whatever you want (21:40).

Greydon Square turns rap into a philosophy lecture, which misses the point of rap (31:40).

Are burial rites… um, right? (38:25)

If you don’t think you’re important in a group setting then you’re probably not that important (46:30).

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Assignment: Throw away three things you need

John McClane learns about an assignment

An important part of being a man is not being needy. This of course applies to girls, but it applies to everything—except your desire to not be needy, of course.
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Top Ten Easiest Jobs in America

easiest job ever: marketing director for a “dogs are awesome” campaign

It’s common to think that we need to work harder to make more money, but that’s like calling a girl more often to get her to like you. You have to make money want to call you, and money will respect you more if you stop working so hard. Therefore, a good first step on your path to wealth is to get an easy job, preferably one that’s funny.
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The Six Best Ways to Show Sexual Interest in a Girl

these chicks = asking for it

Guys are experts at playing it cool around girls, which is too bad because playing it cool works about as often as playing it needy. At some point you need to let your intensions be known either through words or slobbering on her face. There are six good ways to do this, and spoiler alert for dorks, none of them involve telling her how you feel.
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Episode 77: Elizabeth Taylor, Unwritten Rules, Government Leverage, Energy Dependence, Honesty vs Bias

Why was Elizabeth Taylor’s life a dumpster fire? (13:10)

The unwritten rules of baseball turn off future fans (22:40).

The government can create leverage with its force but citizens cannot create leverage with their brains (29:10).

Can we do without the Mideast? Are we addicted to oil? (38:20)

The new Julian Schnabel film, Miral, and why bias doesn’t equal dishonesty (49:50).

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