Ten ways to make lemonade out of the US economic lemon

It’s no secret.  It should come as no surprise. We’re totally screwed.

Europe is in peril, and its hairiest nations – which you’d think would be the most stable (see: chest hair equals success), are fading faster than Charlie Sheen’s recent ironic relevance (re-relevance?).

Even the hairless (“hairress” for all you phonetic types) nations may soon follow suit.


That’s an ass-load of debt! Banzai!

And yes, even with world-enhancing, domestic products like pro wrestling and PBR, the good ole US of A is in a handicap match of its own … and this match features ‘Merica on the brink of collapse after years of poor managers and an overbearing IRS. We’ve got a Yokozuna’s-ass-worth of debt, and it’s only a matter of time before the Million Dollar Man wants his money back – with interest.
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