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Where Rights Go Wrong

Adria Richards, calling attention to herself

This article is posted at Street Carnage.
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The Myth of the Father Figure

a neolithic cave painting of a father who’s bored by his son

If I was your father, I wouldn’t be there for you, either.
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The Bum Rape Fallacy

business casual

You get what you give, not what you give up.
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2013 Predictions

In the year 2013…
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An Atheist Who Says Merry Christmas

The importance of saying “Merry Christmas” from an atheist’s perspective.
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A Tale of Two Bums

Bishop Myriel and Jean Valjean (sort of)

Giving is important, even though it doesn’t help anybody.
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Tequila Night: What a Tradition Is


Tequila Night is exactly what a tradition is.
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15 Things Victor Hugo Said Well

proto Slater

Kurt Vonnegut : AV Club :: Victor Hugo : Cock Rock
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Where Oppression Is

a picture of racism if you want it to be

If racism is invisible, does it still exist?
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What Killed the Black Sitcom

if a Tyler Perry show was a drinking fountain

By the time I was 13-years-old, I only met three black people. One of them was my friend Marcus, as if his name wouldn’t be Marcus. But what I lacked in connection with blacks growing up, I made up for in watching blacks on television. The Cosby Show, In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, and Family Matters were staples of my pre-pubescent TV regimen. I even watched Sister, Sister.
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