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What Killed the Black Sitcom

if a Tyler Perry show was a drinking fountain

By the time I was 13-years-old, I only met three black people. One of them was my friend Marcus, as if his name wouldn’t be Marcus. But what I lacked in connection with blacks growing up, I made up for in watching blacks on television. The Cosby Show, In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, and Family Matters were staples of my pre-pubescent TV regimen. I even watched Sister, Sister.
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The Gen Y Mascot

Bill Murray aka Loger Moolrle

Read this article at Taki’s Magazine.

The Joy of Being Expendable

Terry Crews, understanding he is expendable

In case you live under a Richard Simmons rock, you know The Expendables 2 is coming out this Summer. I’m so pumped for this movie my penis looks like Stallone’s forearms whenever I watch the trailer. Sure, the second installment of this all-star action franchise will have enough testosterone to give Jon Stewart secondary sexual characteristics, and Schwarzenegger will rip the door off a Smart Car—which is the best commentary on the Smart Car I’ve seen. But it will also have depth and maturity unseen in most Oscar contenders, let alone movies with more guns than people.
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Why Islamic Fundamentalism Exists

Islamic Fundamentalism: a fat, smelly, hairy problem

It’s weird that Islamic Fundamentalism still exists. Really, it’s the most striking anachronism we encounter besides “talk to the hand jokes” on New Girl. Concurrently, our world has a man in California pushing the boundaries of space exploration—while making a profit—and a man in Palestine who blows up Jews, and himself, to have sex with virgins. These two people are the same species, by the way.
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Cash Mobs (Or How to Make a Flash Mob Look Useful)

cash mobs look like this only gayer

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were a lawyer living in Cleveland? If you had one of the most depressing jobs in one of the most depressing cites in America? (Eat your hearts out, dentists in Detroit.) With the advent of cash mob, we no longer have to wonder.
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Paula Deen Thinks You’re Smart

a smile that makes you feel butter

Paula Deen admitted this week that she has type 2 diabetes. Given that she’s queen of the insulin spike, this is less shocking than when Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet. The only difference is nobody called Ellen a hypocrite for not divulging her personal life as soon as possible. The de facto leader of this backlash against Deen is Anthony Bourdain of “old guy with an earring” fame:
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The True Meaning of Christmas (as Revealed by the Five Greatest Christmas Songs)

the true face of Christmas

Every Christmas season, we as a society reflect on the meaning of Christmas. But “reflect” is just a euphemism for “rationalize what we already think.” To uncover the true meaning of Christmas, to do away with dogma and platitudes, we must analyze what’s essential about Christmas. There’s no better way to do this than to find the common thread in the greatest Christmas songs. This will shed light on what truly makes Christmas great, and so its true meaning.
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On Being an Asshole: Three Lessons From Christopher Hitchens

say cheese!... um, or not

In a world that became increasingly wussy over the last 40 years, Christohper Hitchens made a name for himself by becoming increasingly an asshole. While everyone was trying to get along, he was telling people why they were wrong. If he wasn’t such a flabby Briton, he would have organized a team of mercenaries, stormed the Vatican, suplexed the Pope, and exclaim, “Mother Teresa is the whore of Calcutta!”
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What Penn State and the Catholic Church Have in Common

Sandusky : a priest :: Paterno : the Pope

It’s been more than a week since news of Penn State’s pedophilia broke and sportscasters are still parroting “shame on Joe Paterno.” This is no more than an exercise in self-satisfaction. Instead, we need to figure out why the butt rapes were covered up so we can keep them from happening in the future. The Catholic Church, as the paragon of a culture that aids and abets butt rapes, can give us clues. If we understand what it has in common with Penn State, we will understand the underlying causes of a culture that thinks it’s okay to protect child molesters.
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The One Reason Keynesians Keep Getting It Wrong

Hey look, Keynes crosses his legs. No surprise there.

Last Friday in The Wall Street Journal, Allan H. Meltzer, an economist at the Hoover Institute, wrote an article called Four Reasons Keynesians Keep Getting It Wrong. In it, he lists four reasons why… well, you know. Here are the four reasons:
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