Episode 98: Unknown Species, Nivea Ad, Gay Wedding Dress, Crossfit vs Planet Fitness, 9/11 Wine

By: Cock Rock Posted in Podcasts on Sunday, August 28, 2011

Humbling phenomena (2:50).

86 percent of species are unknown (6:20).

Nivea ad gives us the gift of indignation (22:31).

Store refuses to sell wedding dress to lesbian bride (30:28).

Crossfit vs Planet Fitness (43:40).

9/11 wine (55:03).

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    1. Logic Connection says:

      I’d have to disagree with one point that was raised during the CFit discussion. If I could only do one lift ever again forever, it would have to be back squats over deadlifts. Thanks for addressing the topic. Next time you’re in the area, I’ll get you guys in for a free session at my box so you can be as tough and strong as me.

    2. Logic Connection says:

      A late addition to the Ep. 98 post:


      Possibly the greatest CFit blog I’ve ever read. I hope it’s worthy of being linked at CockRockMag, the greatest CockRock blog I’ve ever read.

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